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Is faith important?

Our Christian faith plays a significant role in our personal lives. In it, marriage is neither a casual agreement nor a prison. Nor is homosexuality a sinful questionable issue but just someone's sexual preference.

Inspired by God's love, we are motivated to search for the need and unity of each other. We believe that we couldn’t go without God's presence. Looking back, we see a lot of His loving presence, even during deep valleys that each of us had in our journey individually and together. After all, you don't reach the top of the mountain without climbing up from the valley. Sometimes the landscape looked like the Rocky Mountains.

Yet, now, I cannot say otherwise: I feel...? No!!.... I KNOW that it is "very good and more than sufficient." Together, through years of struggle, we have re-experienced a new way and have been able to give meaning to our relationship.

It is a beautiful, and in some aspects, incomprehensible richness to complement and love each other from what seemed almost impossible. We have discovered that a marriage is not only worth fighting for but also in doing so it enables to allow dynamisms that can open doors for a different breeze.


Is this website only useful if you are a Christian?

No, definitely not. Every person is capable of making well-considered choices through love towards the spouse. The other person with whom, despite orientation, you want to move forward. The sorrow is not greater, the confusion not less, and sense of personal loss for each individual, is just as significant.

Whether you’re religious or not, when confronted with this issue within your marriage, a long journey begins in which you have to get to know, find, and trust your partner again. Moreover, too many (often unjust) labels and prejudices are hung and expected when it comes to sexual preference and sexuality.

Too many labels and prejudices when it comes to sexual preference.

So, a focus on marriage in which both partners are key and play an equally important part. Because both responsibilities, personalities, will, commitment are addressed. No hippy-dippy stuff... but facing reality, making choices, falling and getting back up. Contemplating and dedication. Crying, laughing, and sometimes the silence of not daring...

Dealing with feelings like helplessness or fear for getting damaged through it all. Holding individual personality and letting go... to acquire letting go of selfish self for the gift to comprehend your partner equivalently.Bovenkant formulier

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