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Websites... books... and other stuff...,

Everything worth reading.

No, not books or websites specifically about the topic of 'MOM'.

This is not a subject that has been extensively written about. However, we do want to bring attention to those things that are worth reading. Information on topics that are often underrepresented or approached from a narrow perspective. Eye-openers that make you think and add value to exploring new (perhaps different) paths or making (new) personal choices.

Simply finding your own way...

So, "out of the box" without imposed frameworks and labels.

Finding connection with what resonates with you. After all, it's about your journey...


Books :

The Choice:  

           by: Edith Eger.

The Gift: 

           by: Edith Eger.

Intimate IssuesTwenty-One Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex

           by: Linda Dillow   

               &  Lorraine Pintus


           by: Jackie Hill Perry


Interesting links and websites to take a look at :


Youtube to watch:

It Gets Better -- Straight Spouses - YouTube  By :  supportive straight spouses

duur ongeveer 10 min. 

talk for anyone who has ever loved.  By :  Esther Perel

duur ongeveer 20 min. 

Born again this way.  By :  Rachel Gilson

duur ongeveer 60 min. 


Discover your lover... (USA)

A game...for just the two of you!

Engaging  in a playful manner

Can it?

Yeeesss, absolutely!

Investing in your relationship is crucial when you've both chosen to move forward together. Inimacy is a way giving that shape, volume and direction.

An important component to give intimacy and sexuality a (new) place within your marriage to build your relationship. 

Not because from forced behavior but because you can and want. 

Not because it is not enjoyable or denies, but to make it enjoyable again and to get to learn each other in a different way, recognizing what your partner likes or not. 

A fun way to engage in this is through this game. 

Taking time for each other and reconnecting in a playful way to achieve a better, more inimmate, transparent redicovery of unity. 

It might seem a bit peculiar, but hee who dares...

Available in various online stores. 

This game is available online at: Loveherbs

A Christian (Dutch) erotic webshop and blog. A site with a mission! Encouraging married couples to experience and enjoy sexuality within marriage, to maybe serve, as an example for other couples.

Our intention, in sharing this link, is to provide usable tips. But also, and far from unimportant, to encourage thinking outside the box and breaking through limitations. To encourage ideas to engage with conviction in conversations, sexuality, and intimacy within the boundaries of marriage in with creativity, and freedom to (re)ignite passion where love and togetherness can thrive for both.

A site like this might seem a bit unconventional, but it's refreshing and fun to mention. 

It's obviously these are Dutch websites so slightly out of reach maybe. Removing these will distort the Dutch version. But...then's not the website but the thought that counts...I hope you can bypass this in a creative way.


We hope there was something that caught your interest !

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