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In a marriage, one can discover that heterosexual feelings are absent or no longer present. It is important to remember the adage "Forget me not," which means: you are not alone. At that moment, being married does not suddenly become a trivial matter; both sexuality and intimacy remain equally important for both partners.

It's a pledged vow that compels answers to:

  • What is important, what do you consider to pursue?

  • What defines love, how does that reflect your personal life?

  • Can Same-Sex Attraction coexist with faith and church?

  • Why do you choose to stay together?

  • What do you think this means for your heterosexual partner?

  • Cultural thinking? Is it just about my own self and preferences...?

It involves navigating through exceptionally turbulent feelings and emotions, where understanding and misunderstanding, willingness and ability, dilemmas, and feelings all closely intersect.

In short, we want to share our own experiences, being a guide through turbulent waters that couples may find themselves in, where the pillars may suddenly seem to have crumbled. 

Not a site you quickly skim through on your mobile phone or in between tasks.

It's too extensive of a topic, but unfortunately, also too unfamiliar.


Mixed Orientation Marriage

We step "out of the box" of one-sided cultural thinking, where a marriage is presumed to inevitably founder or pursue an open marriage. We choose a path where sexual preference is not the highest priority, without automatically implying a denial or neglect of one's own identity.

This site aims to tell a different but positive story, to support couples with similar challenges who face a lot of confusion. Moving forward together, staying true to one another, and growing again towards unity in which, and because, you can both be who you are.

Westarted with a translation for an English version of this website, 

We apologize for the inconvenience while working on this site ore overlooked mistakes.

Please inform us so we're able tp improve this site. 

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