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A  M OM's  definition

A pure motive


Venturing beyond the beaten paths of common beliefs and not being confined by others' thoughts and opinions.

We think "out of the box" and therefore have the freedom to make our own choices.

We refuse to be victims of the situation BUT rather take pride in continuing our marriage together.



  • ...we love each other and mutually have each other's interests at heart.

  • ...we strive to bring out the best in each other because we have chosen each other.

  • ...sexuality is not so static but dynamic and flexible.

  • ...sexuality is not your identity but (merely) a part of yourself.

  • ALWAYS have a choice.

  • ...we prioritize finding fulfillment in each other rather than focusing on what is lacking.

  • ...we choose to be monogamous because we both choose each other with reason.

  • are responsible for my heart as I am responsible for yours.

As mentioned earlier, we do not aim to provide the next instructionguide or new rules. It's not a trick to follow, and then everything will work out.

No, the purpose of our site is to tell our story: the experiences we have gone through and learned from, as well as the choices we have made along the way. We want to show how all of this has resulted in growth and connection by adhering to our own values.

You always do have a choice!

The promise to each other was and is not merely incidental.

Pure stands for monogamy.

Pure stands for being faithful, even when it gets tough.

Pure stands for truth and being known in and through each other.

Pure stands for a balanced scale.

Pure stands for building bridges.

Pure stands for love and connection.

Pure stands for looking at yourself honestly, accepting who you are, and also accepting who the other person is.

Pure stands for recognizing that the sexual feelings of one are equally significant as those of the partner.

Pure stands for jointly striving for something that is good.

Pure stands for making choices and realizing the importance of those choices to give meaningful purpose.


Mixed Orientation Marriage

Two individuals with each their own sexual preference within the covenant of faithfulness to each other that marriage entails. A new challenge for both, requiring dedication and conscious decisions to navigate this path together.

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